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I always incorporate multiple perspectives into my artistic research projects by conducting workshops with people of various ages, cultures, and professional backgrounds. In addition to this, I also organize workshops as team-building events or for institutions such as the Heinrich Böll Foundation and universities, as well as for individuals interested in trying something new


In the 'Colorfield Painting workshop' I draw on
many years of teaching experience in art as well as training in theta healing and emotional body healing (2018). In addition to classical painting techniques and colour theory, I am teaching how to access one's own intuition through meditation and how traumas can
be released step by step. All techniques lead to several paintings in the workshop. The workshop times vary between 4 hours and three days. Since 2018, she has conducted 'Intuitive Colorfield painting' workshops in different contexts, such as with artists in Muscat/Oman
or with lay people in Berlin.



In the 'urban intervention' workshops, I am teaching participants basic skills in spatial analysis, artistic intervention with few tools and materials. I was able to sharpen the process through several years of teaching art in the context of architecture. I have been running urban intervention workshops in different contexts since 2010. For example, with students at the TU Berlin or the Faculty of Design in Riga, but also in the context of summer schools such as in Roja Latvia or Muscat Oman. 

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