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Janin uses the media 'Painting' as one of the tools in her artistic research projects. According to the specific research topic Janin develops 'Bodies of work' to explore certain research questions. Janin understands painting as an intuitive and analytical process at the same time. Alongside her longtime artistic research projects Janin uses 'Painting' to express social phenomena and trends she perceives in her daily life.


2023 - ONGOING

'After the Journey' concludes the previous research project 'Healing' by addressing 'ease and flow'.  


In 2018 Janin Walter developed her interest in neuroscience and the body-mind connection. She launched the artistic research project HEALING, in which she initially placed herself at the center of observation: she exposed herself to the effects of various meditation techniques and transferred her experiences into paintings. In addition to these body experiments, Janin researched and delved deeply into the world of neuroscience and trauma therapy, bringing herself up to date with the latest knowledge in the field of healing and neuroplasticity.  The expertise of neuroscientists, psychologists and trauma therapists such as Bessel van der Kolk, Teal Swan, Dr. Caroline Leaf and Dr. Joe Dispenza were incorporated into her artistic work. After a two-year period of experimentation, she startet to give Emotional Body Healing Painting workshops herself, which she also captured on film. In this context, she interviewed workshop participants regarding the effects of the mediation/painting process. All the information of each step, self-experiments, facts and data from her research and the findings via the participating subjects were incorporated into artworks of various media forms.


During Covid-19 it became clear that we cant control everything, but have to surrender. But because of this feeling the urge to control things became bigger. During the first Lock down Janin started a series where she was experimenting with painting techniques which surrender to control and paired them with controlled actions.

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