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Wabi Sabi comes from Japan. It is an aesthetic concept regarding the perception ofbeauty and constitutes a framework for evaluating Japanese art.Wabi Sabi is not translatable. It is an elemental concept. Beauty is not the highest value,but rather the imperfect. The concept can be applied on architecture. With these pictures the artist is raising questions like:When is architecture perceived as being valuable? Does architecture need to be big?Does architecture need to be old? Does architecture need to have space infant of it?All pictures have a photography as a base. The inherent qualities of the architecture are the starting point for the extension of the picture. By thousands of layers of spray paint the artist is creating a new meaning of the building or the city space.

Collaboration: Grit Weihmann, Erika Walter, Anke Parson, Ute Schneider/KCAP, Hassan al Meer, Stal Gallery Muscat

Funded by Goethe Institute Gulf Region and Stal Gallery Muscat

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