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HONG KONG / 2013
VIDEO 2 min.

Collaboration: Melanie Humann, Performer: Dorothy, Jovia, Miranda, Ping, Rachel, Stefanie, Vivian. Locationscout: Sampson

Funded by Goethe Institute Hong Kong

The narrowness and density of Hong Kong is felt everywhere. The high value of the ground and real estate leads to the scarcity of payable living spaces. In the center of the city where apartments are being changed into office spaces this is additionally intensified. 

In the neighborhood around the Blue house we found an apartment house. The building had been finished in 1990. The 70 apartments of „ain terrace“ were never sold. Nobody ever has been living of one of those apartments.

For 23 years the building is standing in the middle of Hong Kong with no inhabitants. Many of the residents of the neighbourhood aren’t familiar with the empty apartment building although it stands directly in the vicinity. 

The building is no longer accessible and cannot even be seen from the street.

Seven women from the neighbourhood have seen it.


In the context of an artist in residence program, realized by Goethe Institute Hong Kong in Hong Kong Melanie Humann and Janin Walter created an group performance which was captured.

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