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RIGA / 2013

Collaboration: Hannah Murgetroyed / Text, Jan Giesecke / Sound, Kaspars Lielgalvis / Photo

Funded by Goethe Institute Riga, Total Dobze

The research has been done during a 4 weeks long stay in Riga in the context of an „Artist in Residence Program”, invited by NOASS. The artistic focus was unused, empty buildings and their potential stories.

‘Horror vacui’ is the hypothesis that the nature in front of empty spaces „shrink back“. Therefore, empty spaces are anxious to suck gas or liquids, so they no longer be empty. 

Horror Vacui  is inspired by the interest of an athmosphere in derelict, empty spaces and abandoned buildings in Riga / Latvia and the further assoziations and narratives entwined around it. Coming from the concept of horror vacui – the fear of emptiness (void) and therefor the urge to fill it – I developed a narrative videocollage, by working with my experiences in those unoccupied spaces and found traces from the past.

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